Factory Worker Jobs in New Zealand

factory worker jobs in new zealand

Factory Worker Jobs in New Zealand

The lowest-cost training for factory worker jobs in New Zealand involves learning on the job.
Some employers help their employees earn national certificates. The MBIE Tenancy Services
website has market rent estimates for most parts of New Zealand. For detailed budget planning
and general advice, visit Study Link and Sorted. To get relevant training, you can contact
Competenz or Primary ITO, two industry training organizations that offer nationally accredited
courses. Primary ITO and Competenz offer relevant qualifications in most parts of New Zealand.

Job description

A Factory worker is in high demand in New Zealand. New Zealand has a large number of
factories and many of these businesses need workers. New Zealand has an excellent
employment market, which is why factories hire overseas workers and offer competitive wages.
In this video, Vangeline McCann discusses the salary of factory workers in New Zealand. You
can also check out her other YouTube videos. She received a lot of requests asking about the
minimum wage for this job description.
Although factory workers have long hours, the wages are good. Although this type of job
description is not widely advertised, it is an excellent option for those seeking a career in
manufacturing. New Zealand has a number of manufacturing companies that employ thousands
of people. These firms are looking for trustworthy workers. Some may even conduct drug tests
on prospective employees. Applicants should be strong and healthy and have good hand-eye
coordination. In addition, a driver’s license is a must.


While wages in other countries are higher for people with similar job titles, the salaries of factory
workers in New Zealand are considerably higher. As a matter of fact, a factory worker can earn
up to $60,889 per year. These are high salaries compared to the cost of living in New Zealand.
Those who pursue this career can expect to work long hours. The wage will depend on the type
of employer and the industry.
Salaries for factory worker jobs in New Zealand are typically Php 89000 to 131,000 per year,
depending on experience and job location. Some of the positions that are open in factories
require specific skills, such as masonry, carpentry, farm work, truck driving, scaffolding, etc. Due
to the country’s devastating earthquake in 2011, skilled labor is in demand in New Zealand.
Those looking for such a career in New Zealand should check their job options online.

On-the-job training required

A factory worker’s job description will depend on the type of employer that employs him/her.
Some employers offer positions requiring a specific skill set while others prefer those with a
broader range of skills. On-the-job training and education are generally required, but this is often
enough to secure a factory worker job in New Zealand. Factory worker jobs are considered
permanent positions and offer excellent opportunities for career development.
In New Zealand, factory workers are responsible for manufacturing goods and processes. They
are often found in production lines and packing departments and earn an average annual income
of $42,800. However, inexperienced factory workers may begin on a training wage. Overall, the
number of factory workers in New Zealand has dropped by 7% from 2006 to 2013, reflecting a
general decrease in manufacturing employment. However, the benefits of working in a factory
are significant.

Salary increase

Factory worker salaries in New Zealand can increase up to 8% per year. The percentage of
salary increases depends on the person’s experience and performance. Factory workers
generally earn the lowest salary in New Zealand compared to other professions. The following
salary increase statistics will help you decide whether or not this career path is right for you. If
you are currently employed as a factory worker, it may be time to increase your salary.
The salary of factory workers in New Zealand is a sensitive subject. In the video below, OFW
Vangeline McCann discusses the salary for factory workers in New Zealand. She has previously
discussed factory worker salary in New Zealand in other YouTube videos. She recently received
many requests for the minimum rate for factory workers in New Zealand. Hence, she decided to
share the rates with her viewers. Vangeline’s YouTube channel is dedicated to addressing the
issue of factory worker pay.

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