Farming Worker Jobs in New Zealand

Farming Jobs In New Zealand

Farming Worker Jobs in New Zealand

If you have a practical know-how and are looking to make a career out of farming, you may want to consider working in aquaculture. You can find work at premium oyster farms such as Moana NZ. Employees check stock on farms, remove old infrastructure, assemble oyster baskets, and do general farm work. You may also be able to get a job as an experienced shepherd.

Experienced shepherd

Experienced shepherd jobs in New Zealand are ideal for people who have some experience handling animals. In addition to a strong interest in the natural world, they should also have good English and maths skills. You will need a New Zealand driver’s license and a National Certificate in Agriculture Level 2 (or higher). In addition to shepherding, there are several other job opportunities in the red meat processing industry. These positions include processing, engineering, trades, sales and marketing, animal welfare, and many other roles that involve science and the environment.


In New Zealand, there are a number of types of farms, including dairy, beef, and sheep. In some areas, there are only sheep and cattle farms, while others are primarily grain and vegetable farms. Getting short term farm jobs is often difficult, as most farmers prefer workers who are prepared to stay on the property throughout the season. However, if you’re looking for a long-term farm assistant position, New Zealand may be the right place for you.

Another way to get started in New Zealand’s farming industry is to join a cadet training scheme. Cadet farms are state-owned enterprises that are run as commercial sheep and beef farms. These companies offer one-to-two-year agricultural training programmes. Graduates can obtain a New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Level 3) or other qualifications. You don’t need to have a formal secondary education to apply for these jobs, but you must be able to work under pressure and have plenty of stamina and fitness.
Cadet farm

A cadet farm worker job in New Zealand offers you the opportunity to learn about sheep and beef farming, while improving your skills and boosting your employment prospects. Cadet farms operate as commercial sheep and beef farms, and participants complete a one-to-two-year agricultural training programme, which awards a New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture. The job is very competitive and requires a high level of physical fitness, as well as being drug-free. The job also requires driving in and out of animals, and dealing with livestock infestations and diseases.

There are many different cadet farm worker jobs available across New Zealand, from small to large farms. Farm assistants maintain machinery, like tractors, motorbikes and farm utility vehicles, as well as weeding and feeding livestock. They are required to live on the farm where they are employed. Lewis McIntyre, a farm assistant at Dannevirke Station, completed a cadetship at Pukemiro station. Cadet farm worker jobs in New Zealand require that candidates be self-motivated and well-rounded, with good leadership and personal care skills.

The pay in New Zealand is high, but there are disadvantages, such as poor access to employment, which make it challenging to attract people to rural areas. New Zealand’s climate is very temperate, and workers can expect to work for eight to ten hours a day in the fields. The days spent in bed will help relieve aching muscles, but will leave you with less energy and fewer friends. You may be able to find better work by taking part in pre-employment programs at polytechnics.

How To Apply

To apply for a shepherd job, you should have experience handling sheep and cattle. You should be able to handle large groups of cattle and sheep. You must also be able to work well both independently and as part of a team. A valid driver’s license is required, as well as a willingness to work hard and be honest. Experienced shepherd jobs in New Zealand can pay as much as $59,000 per year.
Part time farm assistant

If you are looking for a part time job, you may be wondering how to find a part time farm assistant job in New Zealand. This type of job requires you to learn many important skills, such as operating machinery and maintaining farm utilities. These types of jobs require that you live on the farm where you are working, so you will need to be willing to relocate if you’re employed in a different location.

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